Thursday, January 30, 2014

Parent Fundraising Meeting

The parents that attended were Rita Garcia, Anna Moya Troyer, Toma Shaver, and Ann McCartney. Clara and Danielle (myself) were present at the meeting. The following ideas were discussed: a math and science night, car wash, candy apple sales, chocolate sales, hot dog sales at tracker supply, coffee sales, selling hot chocolate at school with hot dogs, a movie night, and a Dion's Night.

With the discussion of ideas, the topic of Isotopes Fundraising during the summer came into the conversation. It was briefly talked about how the student's earnings were going into the fundraising collection. The final decisions were made on what fundraising was going to be done and by who.

(Subject to change)
Donation Letter- Ann McCartney
Movie Night- Rita Garcia
Dion's night- Anna Moya Troyer
Chocolate sales- Ann McCartney
Hot Chocolate Sales- Clara Sims, Danielle Garcia, and Toma Shaver

Official Dates of future fundraisers will be posted in the near future.

Ann, Clara, Rita, Anna discussing ideas

Anna sharing an opinion on the chocolate sales 
Rita suggesting the candy sales

Danielle sharing an idea about the Movie Night

Toma asking about the car wash taking place at Tracker Supply


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