Saturday, February 22, 2014

Team Communication

Our team finished this massive "Gannt" Chart back in January. It has a calnder of important dats at the top and weekly tasks and goals for the team along the bottom. The tasks and goals are split into hardware, software, and communication/finance. We use sticky notes to post the current week's goals then, once the week is passed, we write what was accomplished that week in the slot. Since our team is rarely all in the same place at the same time this has been a huge help with communication amongst the team!

Complete board
Calender of important dates and deadlines
Weekly task chart (with color coated sticky notes:D)

Napkin Drawings

I recently saw Justin's post on Google+ about napkin sketches and I figured I would share the napkin drawings I got from a little over a week ago. I sat down with Dr. Murray, my calculus professor from the concurrent classes I am taking at a local community college, and discussed various mirror design options. Here are a few of the sketches he provided us with on the back of a napkin and a lunch receipt.

National Honors Society

Noah, Zack, Maria, Dannielle, Clara, Taylor, Paige, Chloe, Victoria, Dion, Albert (not shown in picture)

Eleven of our thirteen team members were admitted into the National Honors Society. They received they're awards during a candlelit dinner held at SODA. We're so proud of everyone for working so hard!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Special Thanks to Mr. Ogas!

The School of Dreams Academy will be paying for the team's airline tickets to and from EurekaFest!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NCWIT Award!

Today all female team members, along with mentor Eric Brown, received an award from NCWIT (National Center for Women and Information Technology). Congratulations to everyone and keep up the good work!

(From Right) Clara Sims, Taylor Torres, Maria Troyer, Eric Brown, Danielle Garcia, Paige Torres, Chloe Grubb