Monday, May 19, 2014

Software Update

Where We're at Now

For a while now, we've been working on getting the ArduPi library linked with the rest of our required libraries. This has been difficult because of how we have the other libraries installed, and functions in different libraries that have the same name.

Why is this a Problem?

ArduPi is a library that is specifically for using Arduino shields with a RaspberryPi. We need this functionality because we are using both a RaspberryPi and an Arduino Uno board, and these two need to communicate. Our solution for communication was to use a RaspberryPi to Arduino shield, which allows for the addition of Arduino Shields to a RaspberryPi.

How Does That Help?

Since we can now use Arduino Shields with the RaspberryPi, we can use two XBee modules to handle the communication. The only issue is that we can't get code to work. 

Why won't the Code Work?

When working with multiple libraries, it becomes a challenge to make sure everything is working well together. So far, we're using 4 different libraries. In order to get everything working properly, there cannot be repetitions of functions in different libraries, and the code needs to be able to find all the different libraries. That means that libraries need to be installed in a proper way, and then changes need to be made to make sure there are no repetitions of functions. Our problem is that we can't get the libraries linked properly, and we are not sure how to fix it. We have been actively working to find help with this, but to no avail. 

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