Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another Busy Saturday for SODA's InvenTeam

This past week, most of the members of SODA's InvenTeam were busy as ever.  With the kick-off of the 2014 FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) last Saturday, most of the team members spent some of their time helping the FRC team design their robot.  Three exceptions to this were Albert, Seth, and Zack.  These three InvenTeam members spent most of the week in Albuquerque rehearsing for the All State Guitar Ensemble.

8:00 AM - Albert, Seth, and Zack were at the University of New Mexico to start warming up for their morning concert performance.    

9:00 AM - Chloe and Denton go to watch their teammates at the guitar concert.

10:00 AM - Danielle arrives at SODA to work on her Supercomputing Challenge project for a few hours before going to work at her part-time job at the local movie theater.

10:30 AM to 1:00 PM - a few FRC team members arrive and start working on the team's robot.

1:30 PM - Albert, Zack, Chloe, and Denton arrive to start working on InvenTeam, Supercomputing Challenge, and FRC projects.

5:30 PM - Danielle returns from work and start helping with InvenTeam.

7:00 PM - After having great success on several projects, the students (InvenTeam and others) decide to call it a night.

Zack and Albert working on the program for the InvenTeam's Police ALERT project.  In the foreground is FRC robot they had just finished installing software updates on.

Chloe and Danielle making "mirror" prototypes for the Police ALERT.

Success!!! Albert pointing to the area where Chloe's movement is being detected.

The box in the top-right corner showing where motion was detected.

Camera connected to Raspberry Pi looking up at 360 degree conical mirror.

Two different "mirror" designs.

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